Why Organise a Hybrid Event?

Instead of your events schedule remaining online, we can help you create a Hybrid Experience.

The impact that coronavirus continues to have on live in person events cannot be underestimated.  Covid-19 has led to a widespread enforced closure of venues and the postponement, or cancellation of events. Thankfully some venues have been able to re-open albeit with heavily reduced capacities. Currently, there is not a cure that can fix the problem. But there is a cure that can at least relieve the pain: hybrid events.

Many events started to be cancelled or postponed from January 2020. 12 months into our 3rd national lockdown, venues are still closed.  The roadmap has now been announced and we expect that business venues will be open by early summer, as long as COVID-19 safety procedures are in place. The arts music and cultural venues are likely to be open for audience-less performances., possibly for small socially distanced hybrid events including live streaming. Although this remains a scary time for artists, venues, businesses involved in live events, conferences and festivals there is huge potential for different event experiences and it’s time to create and move forward.

What is a hybrid event?

Two distinct audiences can each participate in the same event through different experiential media, designed to provide them with comparable experiences and outcomes from their interaction.

“Hybrid is when you combine your in-person event with an online event using live streaming. 1 event, 2 audiences.                                                                                                                                            Niki Cassidy, Rigs and Gigs

Hybrid Events Rigs & Gigs

If you’re feeling like a deer in the headlights, and not sure how to create a successful hybrid event, get in touch with us, we can help.

Hybrid Events Rigs & Gigs

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