Monetise your digital content

The live streaming and video on demand platform for the event industry where you can monetise your digital content and do up-selling. Safeguard a smooth shopper journey.

What live streaming services do you provide?

We’re thrilled to be able to provide a pay-per-view live streaming and video on demand service built into a robust ticketing payments platform that has processed millions of orders. This unique system combines streaming and ticketing in one platform, and also enables unique monetising possibilities, through a a peerless one-stop-shop for virtual and physical tickets, and physical goods or services.

How does it work?

A unified cloud-based platform for efficient event payments. The platform has hosted ten-thousands of events and processed millions of transactions, with a paywall, authentication wall and payout mechanism built within.

Integrated into this is a live streaming and a video on demand feature built on broadcasting grade technology from Amazon Web Services. When you live stream or upload your content into the platform the content is encoded and made available on a CDN to support potentially millions of viewers. We support Geo restrictions and DRM to safeguard that you are on top of your copyright and licensing issues.

12 reasons to choose this incredible platform 

  • Sell tickets to live streams (HD quality)
  • Sell tickets to video on demand (HD quality)
  • Combine virtual and physical tickets in one solution
  • End to end shopper journey without fragmentation
  • App for Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV
  • Up-selling opportunities at checkout
  • E-commerce tracking and business intelligence
  • Country restrictions to control licensing
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) for improved security
  • Branded shopper journey
  • Localised content
  • Localised payment methods

How to get going with a paid live stream

  1. Create an event and products or services in the platform
  2. Decide prices for your live stream Event and all products and  services
  3. Select what countries to allow viewing from
  4. Broadcast from your location  through a RTMP compatible software

Full HD pay-per-view live stream and video on demand Rigs & GigsHow to get going with paid video on demand

  1. Upload your video content into the platform
  2. Select what countries to allow viewing from
  3. Create an event in the TicketCo platform
  4. Decide the price on your content

Full HD pay-per-view live stream and video on demand Rigs & GigsWe’ve got your viewers covered!

Live streams or video on demand can be viewed in full HD quality* on any device that your viewer opts to use. The viewer can use our Apple TV, Android TV or Fire TV app. Chromecast** is also supported if your viewer is using a laptop or mobile phone. Viewers joining through their laptop or mobile phone do not need to install anything. Viewing live streams or video on demand through a web browser is based on Video JS and is HTML5 compatible.

Full HD pay-per-view live stream and video on demand Rigs & Gigs
Smooth customer journey

The live streaming service is built on the top of the event ticketing payments platform. This secures a friction-less customer journey within a well tested sales platform created with safety, user friendliness and simplicity as three major objectives.

Hybrid ticket combinations

The integration with the platform enables hybrid ticket solutions where the organiser can sell both physical and virtual tickets to the same event within the same platform. It also enables up-selling opportunities at checkout.

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