The UKs first socially distanced outdoor concert

By 8 September 2020Uncategorised

Despite the complexity of the current Covid-19 event safety guidelines, it’s been an amazing few weeks enjoying a great variety of music and comedy nights with the Chiswick Festival team. Our final night is this Wednesday 9 September 2020 with comedian Omid Djalili

Most of us would have seen the news that the first socially-distanced outdoor festival took place last month in Newcastle ( Those attending were split into 500 viewing platforms, with each platform being stationed two metres apart. But can events like these still bring the same amazing benefits as pre-COVID-19?

Let’s be honest – it won’t be the same atmosphere if there’s less people in the venue. But guidelines state that venues can accommodate as many as safely possible in their venues, given they’re COVID-secure. To become COVID-secure, venues will need to arrange risk assessment meetings with local authorities – if you’re unsure about how to do this, why not get in touch with us today?

Entry times will be staggered to avoid queues and build up in surrounding areas. But this is a great positive – no more waiting around in long queues before/after events! Chiswick Festival are staggering events across 16 days, so their capacity is split across a longer time period, with less people entering on each day. You can grab tickets here to try out a socially-distanced event yourself!

Of course, if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, or have been advised to self-isolate, then you shouldn’t attend any outdoor event. Social distancing rules will still apply in the venue, with adequate hygiene processes in place to ensure everyone remains safe.

Music may also be quieter so audiences don’t have to raise their voice – increase of volume leads to increase in aerosol transmission, which can increase the spread of COVID-19. So if the music is a little quieter than usual, you’re not losing your hearing, it’s for your own safety!

So why should you go out and experience these outdoor events? Everyone’s been locked up for 3 months, and as normality resumes, we are all craving the things we were so used to before the pandemic hit. Yes, there are some key measures to follow when attending, but it’s the same content, the same artists, the same humour as before. 

So get out, come on down for a great night out and get entertained!

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