Valentine’s Party Theme Ideas

By 21 January 2019Events, Party
Valentine's Party Theme Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful time for you and your partner to celebrate your love for one another. But if you’re single, it can be an arduous time to get through on your own. Walking down the street seeing all those smug couples hand-in-hand, it can really get you down when you’ve yet to meet that special someone. You need friends…you need companionship…you need fun and excitement…you need a party!

Heck, even if you’re in a relationship, it may still be a great idea to throw a party. There’s comfort in familiarity, sure, but do you and your partner really want to go back to that same usual table at the same usual restaurant (except with over inflated prices, because it’s Valentine’s Day)?

Whether you’re single or attached, a Valentines-themed party offers a plethora of fun opportunities for food, drink and decoration…

Dreamy Decor

Valentine’s Day offers you a wealth of opportunities to decor, especially if you’ll be renting out a lighting rig for your big event. You can decorate it with crepe paper hearts, balloons or even fake roses. Your only limit is your imagination!

Fantastic Food

Forget the obvious cliches, such as strawberries cut into love hearts. Valentine’s parties offer a wealth of opportunities for themed food from savoury snacks to sweet treats.

Keep your options light and easy to carry to ease the flow of conversation and make sure people won’t be too bloated to dance. Savoury Valentine’s favourites include prawn cocktail, fondue, tomato and garlic dip, or roasted mushrooms with red wine butter.

Sweet treats include chocolate dipped strawberries, mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing, or white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake.

Y’know… For the love of food!

This article from BBC Good Food gives some great party food ideas:

Delectable Drinks

Love is in the air and red (with a hint of pink) is on the bar. Valentine’s offers a wide range of drink ideas for your guests from obvious choices like sangria (add a little hibiscus for a fun twist) or prosecco topped off with raspberries or strawberries.

For those looking for something a little more adventurous, there is a range of great Valentine’s Day cocktails out there. How about a chocolate cherry cha-cha which combines cherry liqueur with chocolate vodka and coconut rum? Or maybe a robin’s nest which fuses the tart sweetness of cranberry juice with the mellow flavour of creme de cacao?

For more sexy drink ideas, check out this article from Cosmopolitan:

Mellifluous Music

It’s dealer’s choice in terms of music. If you’re a romantic at heart you might want to ask your guests to submit their favourite ballads and love songs and from this create a playlist.

This article from AZCentral lists many of our personal favourites when it comes to turning up the romance:

Alternatively, you might want your playlist to consist exclusively of anti-love anthems. Or, for the even-handed, how about a bit of both?

NME previously released 17 of their anti-Valentines Day songs, which did give us a chuckle:

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