DJ Equipment Hire London Packages

As a DJ you understand the importance of high-quality sound in making your party rock. If your sound system is not up to scratch, this will ruin your event and damage your reputation. This is where our DJ equipment hire London service can help.

Sometimes too, the venue you are playing at doesn’t provide the necessary equipment but that is no cause for concern; that is what we’re here for. We have a great range of high quality reputable brands just waiting for you to get your hands on them. Check out our three popular DJ equipment packages below.

Pioneer CDJ Decks Hire

DJ Packages, DJ Equipment rental in London Rigs & Gigs

Pioneer is a very popular and top quality brand for CDJs. We have a range of their CD players and mixers along with top quality PA and sound systems for hire. Check out some of our most popular Pioneer CDJ hire packages:

Technics 1210 Turntable Hire

DJ Packages, DJ Equipment rental in London Rigs & Gigs

Are you playing vinyl at your next gig? Technics is a popular brand and our preferred choice. We love vinyl and love that you love vinyl too. We are delighted that vinyl sales in the UK have seen significant growth recently.